About SBNW

On this page you can learn more about the SBNW committee. If you are interested in joining be sure to contact us and enquire if there are positions available. 

Team Members

The SBNW Committee is made up of committed community members who have pledged their valuable personal time for the greater good of our community.

Craig Ludwig


Davin Bowles

Vice Chairman

Joey Holman

Founding Commitee Member

Adele Werth

Graphic Designer

Chris Van Schalkwyk


Andy Davies

Founding Commitee Member

Christie Marx

eCommerce Specialist

Vacant Role


Vacant Role


Our Code of Conduct

It does not mean that you have to participate in formal patrols, other residents will invade your privacy, you need to keep an eye out for anything untoward whilst going about your normal day to day business or that you become part of unifying the neighborhood by ensuring safety for everyone living in the area. Read our Code of Conduct and learn more.

Our Constitution

Want to learn about our rules and regulations? Click to read the full Sunset Beach Neighborhood Watch constitution. Approved by the members of the association, by electronic poll on 10th October 2019. Please take the time to read through the SBNW Code of Conduct and the SBNW Constitution attached, before proceeding with your application.